What Color is Cedar?

What Color is Cedar?

Cedar is a durable wood used in different types of home construction, both interior and exterior. This wood comes in different colors depending on what kind of cedar trees it comes from. Homeowners prefer to use cedar in the wooden fence they build around their property because of its durable qualities that make it resistant to rot and infestation by insects. Take a look at the following types of cedar and the color that each one has.

Western Red Cedar

The trees logged for this wood are found in western areas of North America. The wood is light brown in color, with a reddish tint. The grain in the wood is very tight and there are very few knots, which is why it is so valued in outdoor construction. Whether you use it for fence posts or rails you know that the wood will last for a very long time. There are smooth and textured surfaces making for very decorative fencing material.

Western red cedar ages well and the color turns gray over time. Many homeowners prefer to leave the cedar unstained, but some do like to use a transparent stain that lets the beauty of the wood shine through.

Northern White Cedar

This tree is native to Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada. The bark of the tree is reddish brown but the wood itself is lighter in color ranging from white to yellow. Like the Western Red Cedar this wood weathers to become silver in color. It is the wood of choice for fencing and posts because of its durable qualities.

Which Color Cedar is Best?

Very few people choose cedar as the wood of choice for fencing because of the color. The wood is the favorite because it will last for a very long time, with Western red cedar outlasting white cedar. The natural oils in the wood keep it strong and stable even after a very long time. When it gets wet it absorbs the moisture and yet does not warp in any way.

If you prefer to leave the cedar unstained you still need to apply a protectant sealant to help preserve the wood. Some homeowners like to use a colored stain for their cedar fence to match the color of the home. The darker the color of stain you use, the greater the protection you provide for the wood because it contains a higher proportion of UV protection.

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