What is a Shadowbox Fence?

What is a Shadowbox Fence?

A shadowbox fence is one that is completely finished on both sides. Sometimes you may see it being referred to as a board on board fence because the unique style in which it is constructed. The style is very convenient because you don’t have to worry about which side is the right one. It enhances your garden as well as that of your neighbor’s which is why some neighbors share the cost of the fence. Both of them benefit.

Materials Needed for a Shadowbox Fence

In order to have the best looking fence in this design experts recommend the use of either treated pine or red cedar – whichever one you feel will suit the exterior of your home. You will need to use treated posts because cedar is not conducive to insertion in concrete. It rots prematurely when used in this way. However, it is best to use cedar rails because they have more durable qualities than treated pine. They are less likely to warp.

Advantages of Shadowbox Fences

There are no large open spaces on a shadowbox fence through which you can spy on your neighbors or vice versa. The rails are staggered to cover the spaces between the boards on each side. There are small spaces though through which the wind can blow. The posts should be cemented into the ground to make sure that the fence will remain sturdy.

What to Expect from a Shadowbox Fence

The first thing you will notice about a newly built shadowbox fence is that the treated posts stand out from the cedar rails. They are more noticeable because of the color difference. This should not be of any concern because when the cedar weathers it will turn gray in color and then both the rails and the posts will look the same.

A shadowbox fence can add to the ambiance of your home and increase its resale value. They provide you with privacy, yet they don’t block you from communicating with your neighbor. They are less expensive than fences made from brick or chain link. It is important though to dig the holes for the fence posts deep enough so that they will be supported in the concrete that you pour around them. This is essential to preserve your fence for years to come.

Like all products built using wood, you will have to do regular maintenance on the fence to make sure it lasts. You also have to be mindful of the regulations that are in place for fencing in your city or town. Some municipalities have regulations regarding how high fences can be between houses.


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