Will Cedar Last Longer than Pine?

Will Cedar Last Longer than Pine?

This is an important question for homeowners looking for the best wood for fencing at the best possible price. They want to ensure that the fence will last for many years without having to be replaced. Cedar and pine are the two main types of wood used for building fences. So how does one decide which of the two materials would be the best one to use? Cedar is not treated when it is sawed at the mill, but pine is always put through a treatment process before it goes to lumberyards. This statement tells you that cedar has more durable properties than pine, but there are other factors to consider.

Cedar or Pine for Fence Posts

Pine is the recommended wood for use as fence posts. Cedar will rot when it is encased in cement in the post hole. Treated pine is very sturdy and will stand up to the pressure of the fence and the elements of weather. It doesn’t rot in the ground as cedar does. If you use cedar for your fence posts you can expect to replace them in about six or seven years. Pine will likely last ten or fifteen years.

Color of Cedar and Pine

Cedar ages well and changes to a silvery gray color if you leave it unstained. There are natural oils in cedar that make it resistant to rot and insect infestation. This is why it lasts for so long. Pine, on the other hand, is always pressure treated and does age to a beautiful golden color. Even with the treatment, which is toxic, pine rots easily and is susceptible to insects.

Staining or Painting Cedar and Pine

The majority of homeowners stain cedar fences to prevent the wood from turning gray as it ages. Paint is never recommended for this wood. Stain is preferred because it maintains the quality of the appearance of the wood. Sealer has to be applied over the stain and together these materials will keep the fence looking like new for about 5 years. You will only have to re-stain and reseal then to preserve the look of the fence.

The maintenance of a pine fence is very similar to that of cedar. You can leave it unstained because it has been treated. However, you can paint pine as well as using stain. Just as with cedar you will have to redo this about every five years.

Based on the information provided, experts state that cedar is a better choice than pine. What you decide to purchase for your fence is up to you because both are good choices.

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