Chain Link Fencing

Chain LinkChain link fences are a popular choice for commercial customers because they are cost effective and relatively easy to install. Chain link fencing consist of interwoven steel wire that forms an easily recognizable diamond pattern which allows light to pass through, a characteristic some customers prefer when considering their fencing options.  While many individuals turn to wooden privacy fences for their visual appeal and added privacy for residential use, chain link may be a better option.

Though they lack the visual appeal and privacy of solid wood fences, chain link offers it’s own set of advantages. Chain link fencing can be:

  • Installed quickly
  • Ignored (no maintenance, no wind damage, no problems with insect, rot or water)

In most cases, putting up a chain link fence is as simple as burying poles and attaching the chain mesh to them. Unlike many fence projects, chain link fences can be put up in a matter of hours. Additionally, it can be installed temporarily by burying the poles in soil rather than concrete footings